For years, the popular space exploration title Elite Dangerous has teased players with the potential for aliens existing within the games universe. Today they finally got their first gaze at said aliens, with an abrupt and intensely scary introduction to mark their arrival.

The encounter was very quickly played up by Elite Dangerous’s developers, who seemed to revel in the excitement caused by the initial encounter’

Frontier Developments has been playing up the idea of aliens within the game for years. The appearance of Thargoid ships is sure to kick of something much bigger in the future; with so much lore tied to them – it would make for an exciting encounter.

Gamers have been trying to piece together what it all means over on the games sub-reddit. Some believe they’re just analyzing players while others feel that the motives are more menacing. As of the time of writing, no one has been attacked directly by the alien vessels. Let’s be fair, it seems that would be a very one-sided encounter.

For what it’s worth, some players have tried to attack the ships. There’s no immediate response to this, although some gamers suspect such actions may come back to bite the entire community in the long term. Other players have been able to trigger the same cut scene throughout today. You can trigger it on both Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Have you encountered the Thargoid in Elite Dangerous?


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