CBS’s The Big Bang Theory has been rolling on and on for what seems like forever. What began in 2007 as a simple sitcom about four socially awkward scientists has quickly transformed into the biggest television property on the planet. Now though it seems that some of the stars of the show are hinting the end could very much be in sight.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Kunal Nayyar (Who plays Raj in the show) told the outlet;

“I’m not saying it’s the end after season 12, but we know that this incredible, special thing is going to come to an end, and sooner rather than later.”

“I think all of us [in the cast] are at least beginning to feel a little bit nostalgic about the time we’ve had.”

It’s an interesting comment to make, in particular given that the show is just about to begin its eleventh season. He did go on to clarify that the decision hasn’t been made one way or the other yet;

“I don’t know if season 12’s going to be the last season – those decisions are not up to me – but I do know for a fact that we have less [episodes to come] than we’ve already had.”

“Why would everyone walk away from something that’s so good? No-one would. Not the studio, not the actors, not anyone. We’d all be foolish. But it is the industry and unless pen is on paper and you’re signed, sealed, delivered, anything can happen. There was never real doubt in my mind, but things can happen.”

At this point, Big Bang Theory has long exceeded the expectations of anyone. who tuned into that first episode. It’s also made stars of its cast members – who have all made huge amounts of money thanks to the long running sitcom.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is just a power play by the actors, or if they are indeed genuine about stepping out of the long tenured show. For sure, we’ll be curious to see what happens next.

Would you be sad to see Big Bang Theory end?


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