It’s no secret that WWE Cruiserweight Division hasn’t fully recovered from the sudden departure of Neville. The former Cruiserweight champion’s decision to walk out on WWE has left a void in the division while putting his long-term future in doubt. One WWE Superstar who is keen to see the British wrestler make a WWE return is the current champion Enzo Amore – who believes Neville is among the most underrated Superstars within the company.

Speaking with the British Tabloid newspaper The Sun, Amore insisted that he had the utmost respect for Neville;

 “Neville is one of my favourite pros in the business. He carried NXT with that title and was a tag-team champion there.” Amore also pointed out that he and Neville were the two guys in the cruiserweight division with the toughest schedule. Both Amore and Neville were working the Raw live events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then they would work Raw TV on Monday and 205 Live on Tuesday. The rest of the Raw crew would be off on Tuesday and the cruiserweights that work on 205 Live don’t work on the weekend live events.”

Amore went on to express his hope that Neville would find his way back to WWE at some point, declaring that the former 205 Live Superstar was a co

“I hope Neville comes back and we feud. I have never seen a guy work like he does… He might move better than anyone has ever moved in a ring – like the Dynamite Kid.”

It’s interesting to hear Amore state all this – as it was his planned match against Neville that ultimately proved to be the tipping point. Neville walked out on WWE prior to a Monday Night Raw, forcing WWE to make swift changes to plans (and putting the belt on Kalisto in the process).

It remains unclear when Neville might return to WWE. Speculation in early December suggested the Superstar was close to negotiating a return – something that sadly fell through. For our money, we’d love to see Neville back in a WWE ring.

Where would you put the WWE Superstar, if he returned? Would you want to see Enzo Amore and Neville face off once again?

Our Take: Neville’s walk-out is perfectly justified in my eyes. He’s practically held the 205 Live division above the water for the best part of 2017 – and WWE seemingly had nothing better for him. Hopefully, if he does return, it will be under better circumstances.


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