With Fate of the Furious doing huge numbers at the box office, you’d imagine that everyone involved would be doing nothing but celebrating. Alas no, with another drama seemingly enveloping the popular franchise as one of its major stars Michelle Rodriguez fired some harsh critique over the way women are portrayed in the movies. Now director Gary Gray has weighed in on the whole thing, effectively dismissing the claims.

The comments are long and exhaustive – pushing blame away from his movie. Speaking to Screen Rant, the director said;

“First of all, I love Michelle. I love her. And I hope she finds some satisfaction moving forward. I personally can only speak for Fate of the Furious. I can only speak for the eighth installment and I personally feel like I think we did a pretty good job. Given how strong Charlize’s character is in Fate of the Furious – she was an amazing antagonist, hands down one of the best antagonists in the entire franchise. I had a blast working with Helen Mirren – the Queen came in and gave a cameo, I thought she was amazing. I actually enjoyed what Michelle delivered and also Natalie Emmanuel. I can’t speak to her personal feelings about the entire franchise because I’m only responsible for one, so I hope as this franchise grows and progresses she finds some satisfaction in how it all comes together, but I can only really speak to this one movie. And I think that the first female villain by Charlize who was amazing, I don’t know if you can include this in that complaint. I’m not really sure, maybe you can, but I don’t think so.”

I actually agree with Gray somewhat. Furious 8 was a terribly over the top movie, but at its core – it had an insanely overpowered female lead who managed to unite the previous movies villains under one banner. Sure one female character got shot in the face, that can happen in action movies.

Then again, Letty was treated as an accessory to everything going on. She didn’t really do much outside of pout and make moody faces towards the camera. Maybe she felt personally slighted by it all. Letty has been previously outed by the franchise, being killed off in the fourth installment.

Vin Diesel posted support to his Instagram page – which seemingly backed up his co-star’s worries.

Do you think the series has a female problem?