File this one under inevitable. AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead has become something of an awkward footnote in the franchises ongoing exploits. Fans of the main franchise chastise it while critics continue to look for reasons to care. Now the struggling show has lost its original showrunner – who’ll be standing down at the end of the current season.

Dave Erickson has been the showrunner for AMC’s spin-off since the beginning, but will be standing aside to take on other projects. AMC and Sundance TV president of original programming Joel Stillerman said;

“We’re beyond grateful for Dave’s amazing work on the first three seasons of Fear the Walking Dead… We are also incredibly excited that Dave has chosen to stay in the AMC family to pursue his next passion project. We look forward to many more successful collaborations.”


I’m amazed they haven’t thrown the towel in on the whole thing at this point. Fear The Walking Dead has been a bit of a mess for its entire run, struggling against awkward creative decisions and a cast of characters audiences just can’t connect with. It’s all a bit of a bore and while it fleshes out the TV universe, it’s an incredibly dull slog in doing so.

It’s clear AMC want to build on the huge success of The Walking Dead but – with that shows numbers constantly sinking this season – perhaps its time to throw all the focus on fixing that show before trying to hold up to many spinning plates.

No release date has been put up yet for Fear The Walking Dead.

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