New character for Injustice 2? You’re damn right there is. After the release of the second part of the Shattered Memories story trailer, which revealed many other new characters like Doctor Fate and Professor Zoom, followers of the highly anticipated game were becoming impatient in excitement at what character is going to be revealed next. Some predicted it might be Red Hood however Netherrealm Studios haven’t revealed that gem yet. No the character revealed this time is Firestorm.

Firestorm, judging from the trailer which featured both cinematic and live game play content of the characters quirks and tricks, is described as a particularly dangerous ranged character  due to his “super fast fireball” which when enhanced becomes a beam that travels across the screen. Luckily from what we’ve seen he doesn’t seem to show any signs of being overpowered which was a dominating issue in Injustice: Gods Among Us with Deathstroke.

Another thing introduced to in his trailer was Firestorm’s super move – which like other characters is extremely dramatic and is quite a powerful image to see. Injustice 2 follows on from its predecessor with the inclusion of a secondary state that is exclusive to each character. Firestorm’s changes the flames that he is covered in to blue which seems to significantly boost the amount of damage that he deals when using close-range attacks. Perhaps its a thing where one state is supposed to be used for ranged and the other is meant to be used for close combat.

It’s nice to see Injustice 2 shaping up so nicely. With such a robust roster of characters, there’s sure to be something for every player.

Injustice 2 is looking quite promising with the current selection of characters but the question is, who’s coming next? Will you be jumping in to play as Firestorm, or will you be looking forward to beating him down?


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