James Bond is easily one of cinemas more enduring franchises. With huge successes since its release, Bond has become a tentpole among AAA-franchises. But with the news that Sony’s deal to distribute the franchise has expired, it means Bond is now looking for a new home to call his own.

Reportedly (According to the New York Times) the five studios readying presentations for the head guys over at MGM and EON are;


It’s been noted that Disney and Paramount are reportedly not involved in the process, opting to focus on their own projects at the current time.

Sony previously held the rights to distribute the movie, having taken over the reigns back in 2006 when Casino Royale came out. That deal expired when Spectre landed in 2015 – to huge financial and critical success. The expiration of these means that the upcoming Bond 25 flick needs a new distributor – so everyone’s vying for the honor.

The upcoming deal is reportedly only for one more movie – with the current creative team looking to send Daniel Craig’s Bond on one last hurrah before moving on.

Previously it’s been reported that Sony only got to keep 25% of the profits from the flick – as well as some of the profits from MGM’s other flicks (Good luck naming those films off the top of your head). It’s a sign that the deal itself isn’t all that lucrative for Studios outside of being able to boast that you have the James Bond franchise.

The biggest surprise in all this is that Annapurna Pictures are throwing their hat into the ring. They are a niche distributor that specialises in high end movies. They aren’t typically involved in AAA-tentpole franchises – one assumes they’re looking to expand beyond their current market.

Bond 25 doesn’t have a release date yet, nor do we know if Daniel Craig is actually returning yet. We’ll be sure to tell you when and if it happens!


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