Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a huge number of former talent return to WWE. From Maryse to Mickie James, it seems that the door is well and truly open for everyone who wants to rejoin the company. So let the speculation begin over the future status of Kelly Kelly, who has hinted heavily she may yet have a future within WWE.

Talking to WWE’s Youtube channel, Kelly Kelly stated that she was backstage at Raw to see former co-workers but that being around the WWE machine rekindled her interest. Specifically she states;

“I love coming back here [WWE] and I’d love to do one more run or something… maybe.”

She then goes on to explain that she’ll be at Wrestlemania Axxess this year, the pre-Wrestlemania event that’s held for fans before the big event in April.

“I will be doing an Axxess Signing, so come out and say hi….. Look forward to that and maybe something else.”

That last part in particular suggests something bigger may be at play. Her being there is a huge convenience, and will only further fan the rumors that she may be gearing up to step back in the ring. Similar to how Maryse kept popping up during last years Wrestlemania weekend, only to then appear on the Raw after the event.

Kelly Kelly is a former WWE Divas Champion, having captured the belt┬áduring her initial run with the company. Many fans came to see her as the embodiment of everything wrong with the division at the time. Personally I wouldn’t be so excited to see her back, but I do know she has a huge subsection of fans who would be over the moon to see it. Certainly, there wouldn’t be any harm in her returning to help pad out one of the Women’s Divisions.

Would you want to see Kelly Kelly back inside a WWE ring?


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