Some fans of DC’s comicbooks were quick to dump all over Gal Gadot when she was announced as Wonder Woman. Critiques like she’s “too small” or “she doesn’t look right” were quick to spring up from some of the more hardcore fans. Turns out she was hugely dedicated to making sure the movie could be everything it could be – as she returned to film reshoots for the movie while five months pregnant.

That’s according to EW, who say the actress was called back to the set of Wonder Woman for reshoots by Warner Bros. To get around her baby bump, a triangle was cut out of her suits front and a little green screen was added so the post-production wizards could work their magic.

To her credit, Gadot saw the funny side of it all;

“On close-up, I looked very much like Wonder Woman…. On wide shots I looked very funny, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog.”


Director Patty Jenkins had nothing but praise for the actress, discussing how they worked around the limitations;

“She’s pregnant during part of the movie, in a suit out in a field in the freezing cold in others… There are so many things we asked her to do: Now do it on one foot. Now shout while you’re doing it. Now it’s raining in the freezing cold and you’ve lost your voice, go. Everyday it was a hilarious gauntlet and she would do it. Now, at least, we will be able to tell her [new] daughter Maya that she’s in her mom’s stomach right then, in the middle of that battle scene.”


Producer Charles Roven was also full of praise, explaining that they didn’t hit the action scenes hard;

“Part of what we were doing was augmenting some of the final action piece… She couldn’t do a huge amount of physical activity but she was being aggressive. She still had to be fierce. That was special. I’ve been doing this for a while but I’ve never that had that experience before.”


We have to commend the efforts of Gal Gadot, taking one for the team. I can imagine it was a fun day on set for sure.

Wonder Woman is set to hit cinemas this Summer.


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