You can’t keep a good dragon down – at least that seems to be the mindset over at HBO. For the second week in a row, Game of Thrones has managed to shatter the shows own rating records with Eastwatch – indicating that more people than ever are tuning in to see who dies next.

The numbers come via EW, who report that Eastwatch managed to gain the largest audience in Game of Thrones history. The initial broadcast bagged 10.7 million viewers – up 0.5 from the previous week’s record breaking 10.2 million (And the Season 7 premiere, which hauled 10.1 million).

Adding to this, the show managed to bag over 30 million viewers in encore broadcasts, online streaming platforms and DVR playback. To put it nicely, that’s a lot of people watching Game of Thrones.

What makes these numbers all the more impressive is that they come in the shadow of the recent HBO hacks. There were fears that last weeks leaked episode would lower numbers – but it ended up handing the show a record haul. Even more impressive, more people seem to be joining the show now than at any stage in its entire run.

Given that there are two more episodes coming up (Next weeks episode looks good for a few character deaths) and only six more in the final season – Game of Thrones fans may soon have to get ready to say goodbye to the land of Westeros. If it survives the coming war that is.

Game of Thrones is currently in the middle of its seventh season. The show has managed to attract a huge number of viewers thanks to its intrigue, action and healthy sprinkling of romance. The shows numbers have been going up season-on-season. so don’t be surprised to see more records being broken in the near future.

Are you excited for next weeks episode?

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