Wrestlemania is a huge event for wrestling fans. The season finale of WWE’s calendar year, it acts as the biggest stage for the company as it wraps up story linesĀ and creates iconic moments. This evening, the company added another huge moment to the storybook of Wrestlemania, as the Hardy Boys made their in-ring return to the company.

The New Day introduced the pair – who were inserted into the Raw Tag Team Championship match to huge reaction from the crowd. They went on to capture the titles – seemingly confirming they will be landing on the Monday night brand.

The news won’t surprise hardcore fans, who have been expecting the Hardy Boys to appear in WWE after their stint in TNA came to an abrupt end earlier this year. Last night the pair dropped the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships – paving the way for the pair to make their WWE return.

It’s a hugely exciting move by the company, which has been working to improve the tag team division. Bringing back the iconic WWE pair only means that fans now have a huge reason to tune in on Monday Night Raw. It may also help fans to see the division with more excitement.

The pairs were hugely popular in the WWE during the 2000’s, capturing numerous Tag Team Championships and defining their era with a series of incredible matches. Jeff Hardy moved into singles competition, becoming the WWE Champion in 2008. Matt Hardy never quite reached the same height in this period, entering a hugely public spat with WWE Superstar Edge. He was released by the company eventually – finding his way to TNA.

It was here where Matt Hardy re-invented himself. Creating the “Broken” gimmick, a gimmick that caught fire within the wrestling world. So popular has it proven, Impact Wrestling have attempted to stop the Hardy Boys using their Broken gimmick in other federations.

Are you happy to see the Hardy Boys back in the WWE?


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