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While audiences may be yearning for more Peggy Carter on television, it seems the most we can hope for moving forward is more movie cameos. After being a mainstay in several Marvel films – including Ant-Man and Captain America, Hayley Atwell’s character may yet make more appearances.

Teasing fans on her Instagram account, Hayley Atwell posted a photo of a book she was reading, specifically Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh: THe Love Story Behind Gone With the Wind. The caption posted alongside it has managed to get fans talking more, as the star wrote “Sunny afternoon in Georgia” – indicating that she may be filming scenes for an upcoming Marvel project.

Sunny afternoon in Georgia ❤️

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A month back, the star posted an image on her social media with dots on her face – indicating CGI was being used. Fans speculated this could be for the upcoming Avengers movies – but the star shot this down, explaining that she was filming Disney’s upcoming Christopher Robin. The filming for that movie is reportedly entirely in the United Kingdom – which has thrown questions over why she’d be in Georgia. It should be noted that Georgia has been used for a number of productions over the years in recreating a more “vintage” locale – suggesting that she may be there filming flashback scenes.

Of course, Peggy Carter is already dead in the MCU – having passed away during Captain America: Civil War. It’s unlikely she’ll be returning for any present scenes – but thanks to the timey-wimey nature of the MCU, there’s every chance she could make an appearance in a flashback or time-gem related moment.

Avengers 4 is currently in production. With so many Marvel stars piling in for Avengers 4 shooting, we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Peggy Carter pop up in some capacity.

Would you want to see Hayley Atwell reprise her Peggy Carter role?

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  1. Who’s to say it isn’t possible ? The avenger have in there team good old Dr Strange and we all know what capabilities he has in his armouary s a return for any one is possible ? That’s my theory but I am sure many people have there own ideas 😄

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