If you’ve seen 2017’s Logan – you’ll know that the movie serves as a very definitive ending point for Hugh Jackman’s incarnation of the character. Yet it seems listening to the actor, he originally had a very different idea for how the movie should play out.

Answering questions at a special Logan Noir screening of the movie (aka, rendered in black-and-white), Hugh Jackman, Hutch Parker and James Mangold  spoke about the movie with the audience. Perhaps the biggest question related to the somewhat controversial ending to Logan, which marked a radical step for the X-Men Universe – Logan was killed off definitively.

Jackman stated that he wanted to see an ending that paid homage to Clint Eastwood’s 1992 Western flick Unforgiven;

“[Unforgiven] is more devastating for me. The fact that he just rides out-of-town, unforgiven and somehow damned in his heroism.”


In the end Jackman lost out on this, as Mangold was determined to see Logan meet his demise. Jackman put his faith in the director and his vision for the ending – agreeing that his original stance was wrong when he saw the original cut of the movie for the first time;

“When I saw [the ending], I cried. I sat next to Patrick Stewart, we saw it for the first time, and both of us wept.”


Mangold added that he wanted the films ending to serve as a natural end point for the popular X-Man’s cinematic journey. Given that he’s been a mainstay of the X-Men cinematic universe since its inception way back in 2000, Jackman’s Wolverine character has come a long way.

Mangold also went on to talk about the possibility of seeing X-23 in future X-Men projects – telling the audience that “anything’s possible”.

It’s somewhat bittersweet in my opinion. Hugh Jackman has grown into the role, arguably defining the character more than any other incarnation. Yet for comic book fans, he was never a favourite. The refusal to dress him in Wolverine’s costume harmed his appeal to the hardcore – who aren’t that sad to see him stepping out of the role. With so many X-Men projects currently in production, and the ever-present rumors of Jackman and Deadpool turning up in a movie together, I think we’ll see plenty more of Wolverine at some point.

If you want to check out Logan Noir – both it and the colored version of the movie will be available from next week.


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