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What a bad year it’s been for Impact Wrestling. No sooner had the company looked like it was getting its act together than the whole thing falls apart. It seems that the working relationship between Impact Wrestling and GFW has been formally dissolved, with the former separating itself in every aspect.

The announcement came via Impact Wrestling’s social media channels.

The first thing to say is that Impact Wrestling probably are doing the right thing here. It’s clear that Jeff Jarrett’s problems are spiraling widely out of control – and Impact doesn’t need that kind of bad publicity. It doesn’t help that since being suspended, Jarrett hasn’t helped out his company in the slightest – causing all kinds of issues this past weekend. We hope this serves as a wakeup call for the former owner of TNA.

Reportedly, Jarrett was scheduled to work on two Real Canadian Wrestling shows over the weekend but, according to sources familiar with the situation, was detained at the airport when he arrived in the country. After a few hours, officials allowed him entry into the country on the condition that he had to leave by 8am on Saturday morning. That meant that he could not work the second show on Saturday Рleaving the Canadian promotion angered.

What’s interesting is that, despite adopting the GFW logo and icons, Impact Wrestling never officially merged behind the scenes. Everything was left on ice, with both parties reportedly waiting to see how things panned out. With GFW ejected, we suspect the future for that organization is bleak.

Impact Wrestling has had a very awkward year. Between suspending their former Champion Alberto El Patreon through to moving their operations up to Canada, we’re not sure what kind of future the company has in mainstream wrestling.

What’s your take on all this?

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