Two of the biggest FPS games to have out this autumn are the latest entries in the Call of Duty and Titanfall series. Infinite Warfare which was made by Infinity Ward released to positive reviews as was Titanfall 2 which was made by Respawn Entertainment, which is headed by the creative forces behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We decided to pit them against each other to see which game comes out on top. We’ll be ranking them out of ten over 5 categories to find an overall winner and bear in mind that these are not review scores but simply in comparison to each other.


Singleplayer Campaign

 The latest Call of Duty places you in the shoes of Captain Nick Reyes as you attempt to push back the SDF led by a villainous Salen Kotch (Kit Harrington – Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, not that you need to be told). In our review it was described as one of the best single player campaigns in the Call of Duty series since the Modern Warfare games and added a lot of new features to the series such as side-quests and dog-fighting in space. It was also one of the better written entries and you genuinely feel for some of the characters, especially Ethan your robotic ally.

Where every Call of Duty game has featured a single-player campaign Titanfall 2 was the first Titanfall game to feature a full single-player campaign, and what a campaign it was! Superbly written with interesting characters and believable motives, you play as Jack Cooper and his Titan BT-7274 as you try and stop IMC forces from removing a potentially devastating weapon off the planet of Europa. The relationship between Cooper and BT is especially joyful to watch as they banter and bounce off each other. The campaign also features some of the more memorable single-player missions in recent FPS history, the standout undoubtedly being the time warping mission set in an abandoned research facility.

CoD: IW – 7/10

Titanfall 2 – 9/10



Multiplayer Experience

Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer follows the same guiding principles as every other Call of Duty game with the standard game modes and repetitive map designs. At this point in the series there is very rarely great innovation as it is more geared towards polishing what is already there and updating the guns and perks. The gameplay is as solid as ever but it is disappointing to see what has become of a series that took off with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, possibly one of the best and most innovative multiplayer FPS games of all time. We need to see some serious innovation or changes to keep players interested in the future of the series.

On the other hand the first Titanfall was widely praised for its multiplayer gameplay (rightly so in my opinion). The second game improves on the first by adding more depth to the levelling up and customisation on offer. What sets it apart from other FPS is the freedom of movement which can be exhilarating as you wall run, grapple, and boost your way around large open maps. The new titans on offer also allow for some more tactical thinking and are a blast to use. The fact that this is one of the only games to have drawn me away from Overwatch also speaks volumes to just how fun this multiplayer can be. The limited number of guns (25 at launch) just holds it back from being a perfect 10/10.

CoD: IW – 5/10

Titanfall 2 – 9/10


Each planet in Infinite Warfare has it’s own feel and aesthetic

Graphics and World

The game looks stunning and the developers have clearly spent a lot of time on graphics and level design but the variety on offer is what sets this game apart, particularly during the single-player story. In the campaign you’ll find yourself fighting on various different planets and moons, each one feeling different from the others, and the space battles in your jackal are visually arresting. The little things around your ship, Retribution, also add to the world the developers have built such as the gradual improvement over the course of the story. Watching news coverage of your latest exploits is satisfying adds character to the base by filling in the world around you.

In Titanfall 2 the single-player story is based on the planet of Typhon which is beautifully realized with alien creatures trying to eat you on amazing landscapes. The world itself feels lived in and real and segments such as the time-warping mission really flesh out the world and shows you how life used to be for people living there. There isn’t, however, that same variety; you will either be in research/scientific facilities and factories, or stunning otherworldly landscapes, and whilst the areas a rather limited, they are graphically impressive nonetheless.

CoD: IW – 9/10

Titanfall 2 – 7/10




Much like the multiplayer segment there isn’t anything new here for the series. The environmental sounds are decent, the guns pack a punch, and explosions will put your ear-drums to the test. We’ll forget the fact that in space no one can you scream because playing in silence would get a little boring. Grappling an enemy in zero-g and hearing him scream as he flies towards you and kneeing him in the face sounds in equal parts as satisfying and as gory as you could hope. The sound design in Titanfall 2 is fantastic; everything from grapple-hooking onto a titan and removing their battery to the guns themselves sounds on point. A special shoutout must go to the noise of an incoming titan; hearing one drop from the sky with a satisfying crash is as excellent as the noise of one finally blowing up. Shooting a full clip of mini-missiles into a titan and hearing them fly through the air has so far not lost my interest and I doubt it will for some time to come.

CoD: IW – 6/10

Titanfall 2 – 8/10


The multiplayer executions allow for some very satisfying kills in Titanfall 2

Value for Money

You may have heard (okay you’ve definitely heard) that you get access to Modern Warfare Remastered if you buy certain versions of Infinite Warfare. Briefly moving on from how shady that is on the part of Activision *shakes fist angrily in the air* there is no denying that at £60 you get two of the best Call of Duty single-player campaigns and one of the best FPS multiplayer games of all time and that’s good value! There is, however, the fact to consider that Modern Warfare Remastered will surely get a standalone release at some point in the near future and that there will inevitably be 4 DLC packs to buy, each at around£10. There are also micro-transactions (completely optional) which could very easily take you past the£100 mark. However Titanfall 2 is currently available a month after release for £34 (and for PC as low as £24). Titanfall 2 represents great value for money as one of the best FPS games to have been released in 2016. That is also before you take into account the fact that Respawn will be offering all DLC for free which means that one purchase will get you every map, gun and titan available in the the whole game EVER. Definitely great value for money even if the story is a little short.

CoD: IW – 5/10

Titanfall 2 – 9/10


Overall Winner

It was a valiant effort from the old guard with Infinite Warfare winning out in one of the categories however the lack of innovation for the series and the strength of Titanfall 2′s story and multiplayer saw Respawn’s latest game win out overall. Congratulations Titanfall and Respawn Entertainment.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – 32/50

Titanfall 2 –  42/50

Let me know in the comments below if you agree or which one you think is better and let me know what games you’d like to see battle it out in the future @gjamesgames