NetherRealm have been on a role lately, releasing multiple trailers showcasing different aspects of the upcoming Injustice 2 game. The latest trailer highlights newcomer Scarecrow, another enemy of Batman in the game.

Scarecrow is probably the most unorthodox character in the game, which is saying a lot especially when comparing to the rest of the roster. While I argue none of the characters in the roster are pre-film Guardians of the Galaxy obscured, as almost every character has a backstory with the broader mainstream conscience. Yet Scarecrow feels the most peculiar in the sense that, despite being well known with people outside of comics, was never seen as a fighter.

A decades old Batman villain, Doctor Jonathan Crane became obsess with the nature of fear. He developed a fear gas that he uses to face against Batman, forcing him to face his worst nightmares (which, shockingly, are often about his parents). Justifying Scarecrow’s place in the Injustice roster was always going to be an uphill battle for NetherRealm, as many fans (including myself) would see Scarecrow’s placement as being force. The roster already has too many Batman-related characters, adding Scarecrow could have felt as if it was pushing it.

However, good job on NetherRealm for not only making Scarecrow seem appealing, but also one of the coolest looking characters in the roster. They were able to tie in cleverly his use of fear gas, by having his grotesque appearance with a giant hook be an illusion of his gas. It explains how many of his moves appear supernatural in execution, even though he himself isn’t a magical being. His hook looks to have great reach, with almost all his major moves appearing to be hook base. His attacks seem devastating, though also slow at the same time, giving opponents enough time to dodge them and making him more balance.

His Super is another illusion, where he pulls his enemy to another dimension, grows in size, and smashes them on the floor of a graveyard over and over. It is definitely one of the more interesting looking supers; with his terrifying look help sell the fear factor of the attack. NetherRealm has done an admirable job in validating Scarecrow’s placement in the roster. Personally, I will probably never stop seeing him as just a disappointing roster choice; mainly due to the fact that I do believe that the game does have too many Batman characters. Nonetheless, I still think he looks cool.

Earlier this week NetherRealm release a Flash focus trailer, showing off his moves and super. Flash’s super maybe the best super yet; he uses his super speed to travel through time to smash his opponents onto different parts of the past. He first smashes his enemy on the Sphinx, then smashes them onto a T-Rex, and finally slams his foe onto themselves right before the Flash initially takes them back in time. It is awesome.
There is also one more trailer showing how the gear system works, showing the ins and outs. I’m still unsure if the gear system was necessary, but what says you?

Do you like the gear system, or do you not? Which had the better super, Flash or Scarecrow? Is Scarecrow a waste on the roster?


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