Success on the internet takes many forms. For some people it happens overnight; sudden popularity the result of a spark of brilliance. For others it’s a more lengthy road; acclaim and fan love can take its time to take root. Yet for Kekeflipnote – popularity was never part of the plan. He was only ever interested in making people smile with his quirky animations – anything else was a bonus. It seems that he’s achieved this and then some.

For just over three years the French animator has taken his the simple tools provided on his Nintendo DSi and 3DS consoles and captivated his audiences. In recent times his work has caught the attention of a wider audience; bringing much deserved praise and raising his profile. Yet this attention was never part of his plan. His work was the merger of several passions coming together, gaming providing a perfect outlet for his budding animation.  He’s drawn all kinds of characters; from Sonic and Link through to his style of fox and pigeons. A

What sets him apart from the crowd is how well thought out his work is. His style is simple yet effective – and his fans can’t wait to see his new creations take life. The arsenal of GIF’s, videos and images have drawn the attention of some of the biggest names on the platform. With 2016 being a huge year for him, we wanted to get a chat with man behind the drawings – to see how he’s finding his journey, where he plans to go next and all things gaming.

Credit: Kekeflipnote

What was your favorite video game growing up?

“My favorite game growing up is Kirby, it was my first game too with my Game Boy.”


What was your motivation to begin animation?

“My motivation was to finally be able to use a program that allow me to animate on it, back in the days I haven’t got any PC or tablet, the DSi was my first attempt to begin animating. Also the motivation came while watching animations and cartoons around me.”


How has your style changed over time?

“First I Drew for the fun, searching for my style. It took time and I thought that only the “best way to draw” was the good choice as an artist. More the times goes by, more I tried to go contrary and I chose to draw the most simple I could, it pleased me this way and I could develop my style even more (with what I do now) so I’m able to draw realistic and also really simple. This mix is good also to compose illustration with the two vibes and animating many emotions, landscapes and effects!”

How did you come to create such a unique style of animation?

“My current style came in 2014, it came when I did a trajectory exercise in class, I just animated a ball and then later that day I saw a funny pigeon turning around a trash basket, it inspired me and so I Drew a pigeon with the shape of a ball, with the time I worked even more with this idea and then I began to develop it like everyday, it was the first time I Drew so much things coming from my head, and it’s how all began and how I could create even more characters using this style.”


How have you found all the success your work has attracted?

“I think it’s mostly due to the internet, people liked my animations because they are silly and funny, also simple. I never excepted my art to have so much love and shares around the net, it’s was a huge surprise for me! I guess it’s also because I can share things often on the internet, traditional way of animation is rare, also the pixel effects had something more on the animations and many people found that amazing that I animate on a DSi and a 3DS!”


How have your friends and family taken your success?

“They still can’t believe it! Sometimes my friends find my art on the internet and tell me they can’t believe some famous pages share them. For my family it’s also awesome. They were a little afraid when I told them I wanted to go on the animation industry since I‘m the only one going in art in my family. But now when they see the work I’ve put in and the success my art gets and they can’t believe it! It means a lot for me to show them that it was a real choice and that I really want to do this as a real job in the future. They gave me all the support I need now.”

Who’s your idol/inspiration?

“I got many idols and inspirations, most are coming from the past (1930 cartoons), huge fan of wacky cartoons like Tex Avery and all, some names would be Genndy Tartakovsky, Sylvain Chomet and Miyasaki (many others but the list would be so long) Also many, many artists on the internet!!! I love seeing lot of art on the internet.”


What projects are you working on right now?

“For the moment I work for myself and have some side projects too (one will come as a video with a Youtuber). I’m preparing myself to get a job on the animation industry but also I think if I could maybe work on a little series that I could make and share on the net with the support of my fans. I’ve gained so many fans and so much support; maybe I’ll try to do it my way. Seems exciting!


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

“In five years I see myself in a studio. No idea which one – but a studio somewhere! Maybe an indie one.”

Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch?

“For the Switch I still don’t know, I didn’t got the Wii U but the Switch seems interesting, the way to play at home and outside. I just hope the games will bring more fun and also many new aspects we never saw in the past, to bring something new and a new gameplay. I will see if I buy this one or not, but knowing we can play with friends outside seems cool, I may buy it!”


Closing Comments

Thank you very much for these questions, it’s always a pleasure to respond and share who I am! I hope that my animations will inspire people to continue to make 2D animations more often and also not being sad or disturbed to not animate or draw on a “well know” and “fancy” program to be taken seriously. The only thing that matter is what you do with it!


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