It’s a tale of woe, excitement, drama and disappointment. No Man’s Sky is possibly one of the biggest gaming controversies to happen this year. Was it correctly advertised? Did Hello Games release a full game? Why did Hello Games not talk for such a long time? There were so many unanswered questions, and gamers were getting more annoyed by the second. Recently a big patch came out for No Man’s Sky and suddenly more features have appeared. With the foundation patch put in, and the promise with more to come, is it too little too late for No Man’s Sky?

I will admit that I was one of those people who was really excited for the release of No Man’s Sky, anything with the element of space exploration and travelling between plants will have me hooked. There was heavy disappointment, especially from myself, when the game turned out to be not fully what I expected and I was not the only gamer who felt that way. However, I tried to hold the belief that No Man’s Sky could be built up, become the game I wanted it to be and achieve its full potential.

The last few months for No Man’s Sky have been rough to say the least. Some of the issues they have faced is a toxic community, multiple refunds, accusations of no fulling what the game promised, an investigation from the UK Standards Authority over their Steam community page (which the investigation recently cleared the Steam page as not being falsely advertised) plus Hello Games and Shaun Murray’s twitter being potentially hacked. The more disasters that hit Hello Games and No Man’s Sky, the less I could hold onto the idea that the game could improve and become something that I could spend hours playing.

Last week, out of nowhere, Hello Games sent out a patch note and tweet saying that they had done a massive patch to No Man’s Sky, which they called a foundation patch. There is now a normal and a survival mode, which would push players to the limit with limited resources, aggressive enemies and spaces to gather resources. There is also now the option to do base building, which you can go through quests to unlock more options for base building. You will need a fair amount of money to build your base, but if you have kept on playing all this time odds are you have nothing but money to burn! You can even go around the universe trying to employ aliens to work for you, as each alien species now has their own special skills which you can use.


What Hello Games have now put into No Man’s Sky does seem to trying to give players what they want, we wanted to be able to go and explore, attack other ships and build our own bases. What we seemed to get was only mining, wondering around, possibly creating a new solar system and collecting a lot of money. A part of me wants to say  that the patch is a really good thing, it is a new way to bring players back into the game. It still does not feel like you are getting a AAA game, especially if you paid full retail price, however at least it looks like Hello Games is starting to take a step in the right direction.

However, it really does feel like it’s a little bit too late. No Man’s Sky had been in development for a long time, it was shown off at multiple E3’s and everyone watching the progress of the game. With such a high expectation for No Man’s Sky, the crash felt massive and had a big impact on Hello Games and gamers. However, what gamers really do struggle to forget is that feeling of being betrayed, if you think the game is not what you expected then why should you go back and play it? When Hello Games went into radio silence, it felt like they had abandoned their community, and even the sense that they could abandon the whole game to begin with. Whilst it is commendable to continue to try and improve No Man’s Sky, Hello Games could have at communicated to their fans that they were working on making the game better.


It’s hard to forgive and forget, it’s difficult to look at the price tag and feel like you got value for money, and it feels like Hello Games just left players waiting for any information about what was going on. I do feel happy that I predicted that No Man’s Sky was going to be built back up into a the game we more expected, but it would have been foolish not to try and make the game what players expected. With so many games that have come out between, and remembering those hours of frustration trying to work out what to do in No Man’s Sky I do not have much urge to go back to the game. I feel like I need a little bit more to get back into it, I want the navigation system fixed, I want a better slots system and I want just that little bit more put into the game.

However, there is always a positive, and I am glad to see that Hello Games is putting in the time and effort to try and get No Man’s Sky back off the ground. It is little too late for a lot of gamers, but with a bit of time and trying to win back trust, maybe there is a glimmer of hope for No Man’s Sky.