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It’s been well noted over the past two weeks that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger had requested his release from the company. It might not have as quickly as we expected – but it’s not been made official by the company.

Taking to social media, WWE stated;

Jack Swagger is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Money in the Bank winner. The peak of his career came during 2009-2010 – where he was clearly seen as one of the future pillars of the company. Yet it never really panned out for Swagger – who was very quickly relegated to the mid-card following defeat to Rey Mysterio at Money in the Bank 2011.

Since then the former WWE Superstar has struggled to maintain his position on the WWE card. From being used with Zeb Coulter during the “We the people” gimmick to his surprise return to the main event scene in the buildup to Wrestlemania 29. Swagger certainly can’t claim to have had a dull WWE run.

For my money, I never saw Swagger as a big player in WWE. I wasn’t a fan during his 2011 main event push and I always felt he was somewhat hoisted too early – another product of WWE’s haphazard booking at the time. The fact he asked for the release indicates that he feels he can do better on the indy scene.

As for what comes next, Impact Wrestling is certainly a hot destination. His former Championship run will hold him in good stead on the indy’s. There’s also been muted talk of Swagger possibly making the jump to MMA – although given his age and lack of experience in this field, I wouldn’t hold much hope for this.

In the end, we wish Swagger well. He flew too close to the sun and got burned – a lesson perhaps to modern WWE bookers.

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