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We all know the story of Titanic, one of James Cameron’s monumental success story’s. Boy meets girl on boat, boat hits iceberg, girl doesn’t share floating wooden door space so boy dies. What you may not know though is that one man from Florida is so convinced that this story is based on his family’s real life events – that he’s willing to take James Cameron to court to prove it.

According to TMZ, Stephen Cummings (of Florida) is suing James Cameron for an eye watering $300 million – for appropriating his personal history. Cummings believes that Cameron had prior knowledge of his work in the Florida yacht industry – going so far as to claim that Cameron used parts of his real life persona to flesh out Jack Dawson’s character.

Cumming’s also claims that the director¬†took stories ¬†he told locals about his family (from the ill-fated voyage) where he claims that his own relatives were aboard the ship. In his case, his grandmother survived the ship while his grandfather perished.

It’s certainly a bizarre case for the courts – how do you prove that James Cameron lifted this mans life story? With no real evidence to speak of and a long period between the movies release and now (almost 20 years) it’s hard to see quite how Cummings plans to prove this within the law.

Titanic was a monumental success back when it launched in 1997, to the point where it became the biggest Box Office movie of all time (Only surpassed by James Cameron’s own Avatar). That movies success means most audiences are aware of the movie and its (rather cheesy) central plot.

Maybe he was annoyed that Leonardo DiCaprio made Jack seem like such a lovesick puppy throughout the film.

Do you think this lawsuit has any legs? Is this just a crazy cashgrab?

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