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Business is business and in WWE, injuries mean a change in focus and direction. Jason Jordan discovered this at his peril this week on Monday Night Raw, as the son of Kurt Angle was elbowed out of the Survivor Series team to make way for a returning Triple H.

Jason Jordan was given the opportunity to be on Kurt Angle’s team last week when Angle handed him the spot. This week, that decision came under heavy critique from Stephanie McMahon, who demanded that Jordan prove himself in a match tonight.

This resulted in a match between Bray Wyatt and Jordan – a match which Jason managed to win. Sadly for the former Olympian, things went downhill from that point. Attacked after the match by an angry Wyatt, Jordan’s leg was injured in the process. With Jordan clearly unable compete this Sunday, Angle was forced to replace his son – despite strong protests. After Stephanie threatened Kurt with punishment – the Raw General Manager was interrupted by a returning Triple H.

It was here that Triple H announced himself as the newest member of the Raw Survivor Series team – before giving Jordan a pedigree for his troubles and leaving Angle with egg on his face.

It means that Triple H will now be apart of the huge 5 vs. 5 main event match this weekend at Survivor Series when Team Smackdown Live will take on Team Raw.

It adds fuel to the speculation that Kurt Angle and Triple H will be facing off at this years Wrestlemania – a match that has been rumored since Kurt Angle announced he’d be returning to WWE.

Our Take: Very much for the best. No offense to Jason Jordan but his inclusion in the match felt like an awkward afterthought to everything else going on. Worse than that, he just seemed a level behind all the other competitors.

I guess we now know why Triple H was so willing to leap back in the ring these past few weeks. Clearly, he’s been prepping himself for a return┬áduring Survivor Series.

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