You’ve got to love Hollywood. After spending tens of millions of dollars on a movie project, countless man hours making the whole thing together and working hard to get the entire project in the can- a petty rivallry can ultimately undo all the good work. That’s reportedly what’s happening with the upcoming Jeepers Creepers 3, which has reportedly endured a horrific series of setbacks.

That’s what HorrorFreakNews are reporting at least -where insiders claim that decisions made by the movie’s producers were orchestrating the hugely unfortunate series of events that have thrown Jeepers Creepers pre-release period into chaos;

“Having worked with the coordinator of the September 13th event, I was privy to information that has been previously unreported. Even before the advanced screening was canceled, JC3 producers were actively working to undermine the event. They forbade the organizer from promoting the event as the “World Premiere” as they didn’t want it to distract from the September 26th nationwide event—a strange request, as excitement from the 9/13 event would have increased anticipation for the AMC/Cinemark screenings. But it turns out, this is only one example of the film’s producers actively working against its best interests—and hardly the most profound.

Another source close to the production has confirmed that a deep feud now exists between writer/director Victor Salva and the film’s financiers. Things have gotten so acrimonious, initial reports claimed producers passed on a worldwide distribution deal with Lionsgate in favor of the one-night-screening event. While the Lionsgate deal would have pushed the film’s release back to March 2018, it would have ensured greater financial returns—even with the ongoing controversy surrounding the movie.”

It’s a shocking series of allegations – pointing to intentional sabotage.and decisions being made to damage the movie’s director in the process. Not that Victor Salva is immune to controversy (I recommend you Google his antics, they’re quite horrifying).

With the TCL Chinese Theater shunning the premiere, it looks like Jeepers Creepers 3 will be making a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons as it approaches release.

This is set to be the third movie in the horror franchise. Personally, I’ve never really seen them as anything more than hyped up slasher porn – but I guess if it’s your kind of thing then Jeepers Creepers 3 could be fun.

What do you make of these troubles? Will you be checking out the controversial movie?

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