Many Creepypastas, or online horror stories, have had video games made after them. Some examples are ‘The Rake‘ and ‘SCP: Containment Breach‘ Even Slenderman has had many successful horror games made after his original tale. Jeff the Killer is a Creepypasta that has had games made for him as well; however, they all seemed to have missed the mark.

These Jeff the Killer horror games have typically had low ratings and buggy gameplay. Many developers have attempted to create their own take on the famous Creepypasta, but none have seemed to make an accurate representation for this knife-wielding murderer. From bland storylines to overly-challenging gameplay, it seems that these Jeff the Killer games come with their own assortments of issues.

An example of one of these Jeff the Killer games is Illusion: Ghost Killer. The game has a rating of 6.3 on Metacritic, but from my experience of playing it, I came across many problem areas and bugs. The objective of the game is to get all the cameras placed in the facility and escape without being killed by Jeff. However, the places in which Jeff was spawn to chase you made it nearly impossible to win and escape. Illusion proved to be a bit unfair for the player and came loaded with issues.

Another example of a game about this Creepypasta is simply titled, “Jeff the Killer.” Although it is not available for download anymore, it was a game that did all the things a horror game shouldn’t do. The jump scares were repetitive and that was the only scare factor present. There was no storyline or plot and the model that jump scared the player was a cube with Jeff’s face plastered on it. This game was probably the one that misrepresented Jeff the Killer the most.

The final game I will discuss is Let’s Killer Jeff the Killer: The Asylum. Out of these three games, this was the most accurate and well made one. However, this does not mean it does not have its own set of problems. This game had the best graphics and the most detailed plot of all the games. However, there were enemies in the game that did not fit in the plot and did not make much sense. The running animation for the Jeff the Killer model was a bit wonky as well. Overall, this game had some of the best qualities of any Jeff the Killer game, but still had many issues.

Jeff the Killer has been around for many years, and I believe he deserves a game that accurately represents his character. I have yet to see a game that does this. Hopefully in the future, a game will come along that is at the level of the Slenderman games, and shows who the killer truly is. For such a well-known and popular Creepypasta, he is worthy of a game, movie, book, or anything that reflects the character. Only time will tell if a quality game will come along for Jeff.