It’s no secret that the loss of Carrie Fisher is a huge blow to the Star Wars franchise. The veteran actor was still a key player in the ongoing Lucasfilm saga – and was set to have an even bigger role when Star Wars: The Last Jedi rolled around. Now it seems that John Boyega, one of the newer stars of the franchise, may have let slip Leia’s eventual fate in the Star Wars universe.

Speaking to WGTC – Boyega was asked about his working relationship with the much-loved actress. His response, however, may have accidentally given away more than anyone intended about the fate of Carrie Fisher’s Leia character;

“This movie, it sends her off in a very amazing, amazing way. She’s still kept alive in this franchise. You know, that’s the beauty of it, she lives forever in a sense.”

That answer seems to suggest that Lucasfilm and Disney are going to be leaving the door wide open for all possibilities – potentially even just having her not be an on-screen presence. Given that rumours suggested Episode IX was intended to be a Leia-heavy movie – it makes sense that she’d survive The Last Jedi.

It’s a hard position for everyone involved really. Carrie FIsher’s presence was crucial to the main Star Wars series of movies – yet the series must continue on without her. It means that whatever Lucasfilm end up doing with the iconic character – it’s very likely to upset fans. Disney has already confirmed that it won’t be making use of the CGI reconstructions that caused mixed opinions in Rogue One.

Reportedly Disney and Lucasfilm brought on writers to fine tune Rian Johnson’s Episode IX recently. This decision might indicate the movie studio will be settling Leia’s fate in that movie – meaning she will be making it through The Last Jedi.

How do you want to see Princess Leia’s Star Wars story concluded?


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