While Roman Reigns was shooting about John Cena not being present on last night Monday Night Raw, Cena himself was busy building ties and establishing WWE’s ever-growing reach in the far east. In particular, Cena has been dropping hints that one day, WWE may opt to throw a WrestleMania in the worlds most populated country.

Speaking with the South China Morning Post, Cena couldn’t contain his gushing over the potential of WWE in China, even going as far as to suggest that WWE may one-day host WrestleMania itself in the country;

“I think the possibilities are endless. Absolutely endless… Not only do I see potential success for Chinese superstars to move through the ranks, I envision a world where we do television broadcasts from over here.”

“I envision a world where we do WrestleMania from here. So I would love to create a culture in China surrounding WWE, that’s with a strong developmental system for our superstars and hopefully a greater and greater live event presence. We encourage our audience to be in it and involved as they want. That culture is what really is going to drive our increased presence here. I hope I can encourage the crowd here to be … respectfully excited.”

I have to admit, it would be totally WWE to host a WrestleMania in China before it contemplated hosting one in the UK – the location many fans have been holding out for. The event would be a huge get for the country, given that it loves hosting showcase events. The idea of them hosting Monday Night Raw’s and Smackdown Live events does, however, seem a little less realistic – given the huge costs involved in such a venture.

WWE has been making some huge advances on the Chinese market in recent times. Having penned a deal to broadcast on national television, WWE has also been encouraging the recruitment of Chinese wrestlers. Certainly, WWE has its eyes firmly fixed on the untapped potential of the market.

WrestleMania’s tend to be very lucrative for the cities that host them – making the arrival of the biggest wrestling event a huge coup for the cities that play host. It’s why New Orleans loves hosting. With stars like John Cena involved, there’s a huge draw to getting the event.

Would you want to see a WrestleMania emanate from China?


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