It seems Youtubers can’t escape the limelight at the minute when it comes to their handling of political subjects. While PewDiePie skirted controversy with his use of Nazi imagery a few weeks back – Jontron might have just 1-uped him in the “Oh dear stakes”. 

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The popular Youtuber made an appearance on Steven “Destiny” Bonnell’s live Twitch stream (above), where he discussed the “displacement of whites”. The crux of Jontron’s discussion centred around the case for “tribalism” – stating that white people were becoming a minority in the US.

When asked to explain his opinions in more detail, he offered up the following argument;

“There is an absolute disproportionate amount of crime committed to whites by non-whites, there’s no arguing that, that’s just FBI statistics. In that sense, you should say ‘why shouldn’t the white people be able to address this?’ But we’re not allowed to because we’ll be called racist by people like you [Destiny].”


Destiny responded, stating;

“the best way to fix crime in the US would be to deport all of the poor people,” as “poor whites commit a lot of crime, too, disproportionately compared to wealthier whites.””


From here the conversation nosedives, as Jontron responded to the question

“They do. Wealthy blacks also commit more crime than poor whites. That’s a fact. Look it up.”


Destiny attempted to research this but found nothing to back up Jontron’s bizarre claims. Further on in the discussion, Destiny attempted to probe the topic more, asking Jon;

“Nobody wants to become a minority in their own country, man….Why? Why does it matter? I don’t consider myself a minority because I’m an American, and everyone around me is an American. Why does it matter if they’re white, or brown, or black?”


To which a fumbling JonTron responded;

“Well that’s not… I don’t think that’s how… I don’t know how to answer this.”


He then continued after the stream, taking to Twitter in an attempt to put out the fire he’d started in a series of even more mind boggling Tweets;


It’s fair to say that Jontron’s fan base haven’t taken these political views very well, with /r/Jontron in particular becoming a lightning rod for the anger among fans.

For my personal take, I don’t really care for political opinions. If Youtubers have their beliefs then that’s great. The problem in this instance is that I suspect a good portion of Jontron’s loyal audience are in the groups he was belittling. Perhaps more disappointing – it’s sad to see someone with so much influence so bizarrely striking out.

Whereas PewDiePie’s instances of insensitivity felt more like poorly judged leaps at comedy – this feels all the more sinister because he actively seemed to believe what he was saying. As Youtuber’s influence grows, we have to wonder if these kind of skirmishes over political opinions are destined to become more commonplace.

Given how much publicity his opinions have been attracting in recent months – I hope Jontron learns to understand that his opinions will come to affect those following him.


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