If, like many, you found Jesse Eisenberg’s turn as Superman’s archenemy Lex Luthor to be absolutely horrible – you may be delighted to hear that the character didn’t feature in recent test screenings of Justice League.

That’s according to Batman-News.com, which states Eisenberg’s Luthor wasn’t present in the cut of the movie presented to audiences;

The development is interesting, as the DCEU┬áwas positioning this version of Lex Luthor to be the bridge between the invading aliens and the world of the movies. It’s not uncommon for major characters to go missing – but it does suggest that the shift between directors may have pushed the focus away from Eisenberg’s character.

Earlier this year, Zack Snyder stood down from director responsibilities after suffering a great personal loss. Warner Bros made the decision to bring in former Avengers director Joss Whedon to oversee post-production on the movie. That post production has seen some massive reshoots, as well as reported wholesale changes to aspects of some characters.

Given Whedon’s previous experience in handling huge superhero movies – it might not be a surprise that he’s left such a controversial character out of the mix. The initial feedback on Eisenberg’s performance in Dawn of Justice left audiences split. Some felt that his overly dramatic performance stole from the movie – something we tend to agree with.

There’s also every chance that Lex Luthor will return somewhere down the line. With a Man of Steel sequel in development – there’s every chance that the excentric billionaire will make his presence felt in a more Superman based film.

Personally, I won’t miss him. I felt that he was the worst part of a very confused Batman vs. Superman movie – a villain who was so outwardly awkward that he distracted from the wider events in the movie. While I’m not against him returning at some point – his removal can only help focus Justice League.

Are you disappointed by these reports?


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