For a few weeks now, WWE have been teasing Kurt Angle’s personal issues. The Monday Night Raw General Manager has had his head in his phone through most shows – seemingly distracted by a huge personal issue. This week, we found out what that secret was – and it’s certainly eyebrow raising.

Jason Jordan was revealed to the WWE Universe as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. The Smackdown Live Superstar has thus been moved to Monday Night Raw with immediate effect. ┬áKurt Angle seemed very happy with this though, embracing and showing off his son to the live audience.

It also means that Jason Jordan will no longer be teaming with long-time partner Chad Gable. The pair captured the NXT Tag-Team Championships and WWE Smackdown Live Tag-Team Championships as a team – proving to be hugely popular during their run as a team. Sadly, 2017 hasn’t been the best of times for the pair – who have seemingly struggled to stay in the mix over on the Smackdown Live brand.

There have been rumors for a while that WWE wanted to split up American Alpha. Chad Gable recently got a showcase match against AJ Styles over on Smackdown Live – indicating that WWE see something in him. Clearly though they wanted more for Jason Jordan – who rather abruptly has been yanked across the brands.

We’ll need to see what happens next with this storyline. Suggestions point to a match between Kurt Angle and Triple H somewhere down the line – possibly using this as a catalyst for that.

There’s no denying that this can only be good news for the former tag team champion. It almost certainly means a more prominent role on Monday Night Raw, as well as a chance to break out in WWE as a singles Superstar.

Are you happy to see this story playing out?

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