The Raw after Wrestlemania is usually stuffed to the ceiling with news and changes in WWE. With the brand split in full effect, there was always going to be a huge surge of change once Wrestlemania was out the way – and this years is no different. The big news being that Kurt Angle will be returning to the weekly rosters – serving as Monday Night Raw’s General Manager, and that we’ll be getting a WWE Draft next week.

Unveiled by Vince McMahon, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was presented to the live crowd as the new Raw General Manager. The position was left vacant by Mick Foley, who was sacked by Stephanie McMahon several weeks back. The real cause of this was Mick Foley’s desire to get surgery on his hip.

Kurt Angle will occupy a similar role to that of Daniel Bryan over on Raw, providing non-wrestling story line opportunities.

This is the second time that Kurt Angle has been a General Manager. Way back in the original Brand Extension, Angle served as Smackdown’s General Manager for a period of time. During this run he slowly turned heel, eventually being removed from the position when it became clear he was abusing his position.

Vince McMahon also announced that a WWE Draft will be taking place next week on WWE Raw. The draft will see members of the Raw and Smackdown brands being exchanged. This is used to freshen up various acts as well as give second chances to Superstars who may be struggling in their current positions.

As yet no details have been announced about the logistics of this – but we’re expecting these in due course. Rumors have suggest AJ Styles will be heading to Raw to help bolster their main event scene.

Who do you want to see drafted? Are you happy to see Kurt Angle as the new Raw General Manager?