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Reports suggest it was true, now former WWE Commentator Jim Ross has confirmed that ex-Women’s Champion and now former pre-show host for WWE’s shows and PPV’s Lita, has been cut from the company’s roster.

Jim Ross made the statement via his Twitter, saying;

The move had been speculated on various wrestling websites throughout the day – but no confirmation had been forthcoming. Seems that WWE’s decision came suddenly as the Hall of Famer had been working with the company up until last week.

It’s not a surprise to be honest though. Lita’s performances on the Pre-Show have been erratic to say the least. Part of the problem is that Lita isn’t a natural in front of the camera, with reports indicating that Kevin Dunn wasn’t impressed with her role on the shows.

We’ll miss her amusing if slightly bizarre additions to the Pre-Show panels for what it’s worth.

Meanwhile it’s also being reported that Jerry “The King” Lawler’s role within the company has been downsized. The former commentator has been slowly pushed from prominence in recent months, finding himself apart of the Pre-Show panels himself. His removal is less destructive though, he’s still on a Legends contract which means WWE can make use of him if they require.

Will you miss Lita and Jerry?

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