Mark Hamill has had a good run as Luke Skywalker. The protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy (and very brief cameo giver in The Force Awakens) has been the go-to good guy for the series when it needed a strong protagonist. But that doesn’t mean Hamill wants to be the good guy forever, as he’s coyly teased in a recent interview.

Talking to Empire, Hamill revealed that he wanted to play an evil incarnation of his character in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Telling the publication;

“Oh baby, would I love to play my own evil twin! It’d be great because you could maybe not reveal it’s Evil Luke until the real Luke shows up. We could watch this guy undermining the good guys secretly, maybe even killing a supporting character out of everyone’s sight so they all go, ‘What’s going on? He’s crazy!’ And then, of course, the good Luke shows up.”

It would have been something of a stretch to give the Skywalker clan another twin to contend with (Remember that Luke and Leia are twins). After the birth scene was showcased in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, it would have been a hard retcon to pull off.

Not that Star Wars hasn’t played with the idea of Luke having an evil Twin. The 1993 story ‘The Last Command’ by Timothy Zahn explored this idea in the old expanded universe. Obviously, that’s no longer in canon (Disney ejected everything from the canon when they purchased the franchise) but it’s a fun little what-if to ponder over.

There are plenty of theories rolling round the internet about the upcoming Star Wars movie, ranging from Luke being killed off through to Rey turning to the dark side herself. There’s plenty of scope within the universe for characters to shift alliance.

If you believe the many internet theories, Mark may have gotten his wish in Star Wars: The last Jedi. One big fan theory floating around on the internet suggests that Luke Skywalker may have been pulling the strings from his remote location – turned by his learnings from the origin of the Jedi faith. It would certainly make for an incredible twist, but I’m not sure if Disney and Lucasfilm have the desire to turn one of cinemas most beloved good guys evil.

What do you think, would you want to see an evil Luke Skywalker running around in the Star Wars movie universe?