Matt Damon Unsure Over Future of ‘Bourne’ Franchise

Matt Damon knows how bad 2016’s film was in the eyes of fans, and wants to ensure that any future movies get it right.

Remember in 2016 when everyone got hyped about Jason Bourne – the return of Matt Damon to a franchise that single-handedly changed the way audiences enjoyed their spy thrillers? Remember the crushing disappointment when it turned out that this return was like an awkward reunion, lacking the fun or the excitement that the original trilogy generated? Good thing is Matt Damon thought the same thing, and has reportedly said that he’s unsure what the future of the franchise is – hinting that he won’t return unless the next script is worth the effort.

Speaking with the Toronto Sun, Damon revealed that he is fully aware of how poorly the latest Bourne movie was received, revealing also that he thinks audiences may be growing fatigued with the action star. He does go on to say that there may be a future for the franchise;

“It would have to be a pretty incredible story to get us all back on the horse.”

For all the hype around Jason Bourne last year, the movie received a hugely mixed response from audiences and critics – who felt that Matt Damon’s return to the franchise lacked originality and fun. To make things worse, the film awkwardly tried to shoe-horn in a backstory involved Jason Bourne’s dad and some backstage politicking at the CIA. Honestly, it’s not half as good as the original trilogy.

Universal have reportedly been eyeing up potential options for the future of the franchise, a future they originally hoped to pin on the 2016 flick. Damon’s comments suggest that he won’t be back on board unless the story is up to the original trilogy’s high standards.

If Universal are determined to go for it, they should just reboot the franchise with an entirely new cast and premise. The last thing we want is another Bourne Legacy sized fiasco in the franchise.

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