Meet The Team

'Editor in Chief' A lifelong gamer, lover of movies and devourer of television; Shaun still can't complete DOOM 2 on nightmare without breaking down into a crying heap.

Head of Movies. Will tear your favourite movie apart for fee, but will forgive anything if Emma Stone is in it.

'Games Editor' - Some say Sam completed Final Fantasy VII in one sitting... without a memory card. Some say he only sank into depression twice while playing Dark Souls. Some say he confirmed Half-Life 3 before Half-Life 2.

Video gaming and entertainment journalist. I am the owner of Maddy Times. I also am working with Nerdvana and ScreenCritics. Long time horror fan and gamer.

Games Editor. An avid gamer from Bangor, Maine. He still has the GameBoy Advance that sucked him into gaming 14 years ago and maybe someday will complete a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Emerald.

An non-emotional being, capable of saying more than I AM GROOT, with a pensions for eating minimum 10 meals per day and to play games minimum 6 days per week. Hot headed and full of rage when it comes to games, there is little to say about this heap of tree bark that can't be described in few words, a bloody savage.

Dan once kicked every chicken in Albion, took an arrow to both knees and is still adventuring and drives his wife crazy on a daily basis with his near obsession with Marvel Comics.

Hey there, I'm JeriKane. I'm a lifelong wrestling fan, as well as a video gamer. My goals in life are to watch as much wrestling as possible, and to one day finally beat Final Fantasy VII.

Raging geek by day and... raging geek by night. Obsessed with Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres and has a deep-rooted love for Nintendo. He'll always maintain that Double Dash is the best Mario Kart.

I drink and I write things. Avid fan of film, gaming and wrestling. I love pizza, White Russians and landing 900's in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Earliest game I remember playing is Tekken 3 which is probably why I'm such a fighting game nut. I'm also a massive fan of open world RPGs. I sometimes get this thing where I enjoy a game despite knowing that its absolutely horrible. Favourite game at the moment is Tekken Tag 1. Steam is CloudOMatic, add me if you wanna play some sweet games.

I love playing games and writing. So I thought I'd just combine them, and here I am. Follow me on Twitter @yrokaz_nworb and PSN @zmb60Xtcob

Freelance journalist, writing opinion pieces and loving it, king of unpopular opinions, (Paladins is better than Overwatch), I love to argue and debate, I love to eat but that's probably not surprising, got an opinion about my opinion, lets debate!

Life long gamer with a passion for writing.

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