It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over three years since the How I Met Your Mother finale landed. In the aftermath of the hugely controversial finale, there was talk of a spinoff being developed called How I Met Your Dad – which was unceremoniously dumped after filming its pilot. Not much has been spoken of the project since, but recent rumblings suggest that the franchise is still on its way.

That’s according to Deadline who spoke with Fox chairman Dana Walden about the potential for any How I Met Your Mother spinoff

“They will be starting from scratch. … It’s one that’s been slowly cooked. If it’s the right idea the right execution, we’ll take that.”

It sounds like Fox is open to the idea of the series returning in some form – although there’s no guarantee that CBS would air that version of the show.

The long talked about spinoff was originally scrapped when the pilot was deemed to be below the standards expected. That version of the spinoff got as far as casting its stars – but was sunk by CBS. Since 2014 there hasn’t been much movement on the entire project – despite interest from audiences.

We’re huge fans of the original How I Met Your Mother series here (Why else would I rank all 208 episodes of the show?) but I have to say that any spinoff would be well served to avoid the original entirely. The original plans for How I Met Your Dad would have seen the shows existing within the same universe – with rumors even going as far as to suggest that Barney Stinson from the original would have been the titular dad. That would have been interesting for sure, but it would have also left How I Met Your Dad feeling like the runt of the family.

Would you check out a How I Met Your Mother spinoff? What do you think of the idea?


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