Michelle Gomez divided fan opinion during her stint as The Master, on the BBC’s Doctor Who. For some she was the perfect counterbalance to Capaldi’s bumbling self, while others saw her a destroyer of tension. Having said previously that she wasn’t planning on returning to the show once Moffat steps aside, it seems Gomez has had a slight change of heart on the issue.

Talking to the Radio Times during this years San Diego Comic Con, Gomez seemed open to the idea of a return as Missy somewhere down the line;

“It’s good to know when to leave the party. It was a jolly good party, but time to leave – and then maybe come back – but time to leave for now… It feels like this was a chapter – a perfect chapter, actually – with Steven [Moffat] and Peter [Capaldi]. I don’t know about being a Master to another Doctor. I feel very loyal to Peter and I don’t know how that would work, but I am willing to find out at a later date.”

As John Simm recently proved with his return to Doctor Who – the door is never truly closed when it comes to Doctor and his enemies. Missy in particular has a number of loose threads still dangling between her and The Doctor, and that ended didn’t resolve many of them. It would be a shame if they never saw resolution.

Gomez was an excellent villain to Capaldi’s Doctor – and it would be great to see her reprise her role at some stage. Whether that happens is entirely down to Chris Chibnall, who will be taking over the running of the show from Season 11. Witha  female Doctor on the loose, will there be room for a female Master as well on-screen?

Would you want to see Missy return to Doctor Who? What did you think of Michelle Gomez’s turn as The Master?



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