E3 is coming up, and Microsoft has a lot to show for it. From new gaming releases to the Xbox One Scorpio, there is an abundance of information coming from Microsoft. They will have to work hard to stand out as they have heavy contenders such as Nintendo and Sony, but hopefully Microsoft can keep up with the rest. With all of their advances coming up for 2017, they have a good chance of staying ahead of the game.

I believe that the main focus from Microsoft will be of their upcoming console, Xbox One Scorpio. Considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch just released and was a smashing success, the Scorpio will have to be outstanding to live up to the newly released consoles. In order for this 4K gaming console to stand out from the rest, it will have to include thrilling games to go along with it.

The Switch was backed up by popular and loved titles that boosted its success. In order for the Scorpio to have the amount of success that the other newly released console had, it will have to do the same. To go along with that, the Scorpio will need a price that it comparable to the Switch and other newer consoles to boost its popularity. It is almost guaranteed that this will be the main focus for Microsoft at E3 this year.

Other focuses from Microsoft will more than likely be multiple new gaming titles that will boost Xbox’s popularity. Some of these new games include Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown 3. Considering the holidays are right around the corner, this would be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to announce and release some new titles to get the hype going for Xbox.

Sea of Thieves particularly has lots of promise for Xbox. The trailer that was previously released for the game reveals it to be a pirate-themed first person adventure game. It is graphically impressive and intriguing all around. We can hope that there will be a release date revealed at this year’s E3 from Microsoft. This game is definitely one for Xbox fans to keep their eyes on.

The final main point I believe that Microsoft will cover is Virtual Reality for the Xbox. This is something that has been done before, but now they are attempting to bring it into the Xbox world. Virtual Reality capability for the Xbox will be introduced alongside the Scorpio. Besides the Scorpio itself, this seems to be the most exciting piece of news that Microsoft could deliver.

In terms of outright surprises, I’m not expecting much to amaze. Unless Microsoft has some amazing exclusivity deal lined up (Those haven’t worked out too well in the past) or a killer title in the wings – the focus will be all on Scorpio. We already know there won’t be a new Halo at this years show, a huge missed opportunity if you ask me. It’s also probably too soon to be speculating over Gears of War 5. If they were feeling insanely bold, Minecraft 2 could make some huge waves if announced?

Overall, Microsoft has a very promising year coming up at E3. If it manages to steal the show from its contenders, that means there would be a bright future for Microsoft and the Xbox One Scorpio. Microsoft has some very tough competition this year, so it is a must for them to be on their A-Game and at their very best. We can only hope that Microsoft will live up to its promises and win the hearts of all of us avid gaming fans.