There have been some major announcements, updates, and regulation changes coming from Minecraft. The game has a lot to offer after E3, but there are also some stricter standards for unofficial merchandise, books, magazines, for the popular game. Things have been busy and crazy inside the world of Minecraft – with plenty of rules and regulations changing in the process. The question is; will this be good for gamers in the long-term?

The first major change in the Minecraft world is the way unofficial books, magazines, and other merchandise can be sold, produced, and distributed. The first and one of the most important regulations in the article on discussing the rules is that the book must be original, and almost all your created content. This may have seemed a bit obvious, but the other rules may not have been quite as clear as this one.

The word “Minecraft” cannot be used in the main and dominant part of the book title, and cannot be the first word of the book title either. The official Minecraft logo is not permitted to be used on the cover of an unofficial book, and the cover art for your book may use your own screenshots or artwork from the game, but cannot be official Minecraft art. These have been some new changes to the rules and regulations of distributing and creating an unofficial Minecraft book, and this article was made to make the creators of these books aware of the guidelines that must be followed.

I have owned some unofficial Minecraft books that have not followed the standard of these new guidelines. Of course, these stricter guidelines were not in place at the time so the creators, nor Minecraft are to blame. However, things will have to change for content creators starting now.

This is a smart move on Minecraft’s part, although it restricts the creativity of writers and developers of unofficial Minecraft merchandise. From my observation, there are plenty of ways to create an unofficial Minecraft-themed book or other merchandise without breaking their guidelines. These guidelines are strictly for the sake of copyright, and there are many ways to work around that. In fact, these guidelines can assist content creators in making their books and other merch even more original and one of a kind.

Moving on from that, E3 also presented some exciting announcements and changes coming for Minecraft. The first major announcement is the Better Together Update. Both this update and the next one mentioned will be coming in the summer. This will feature cross-platform playing, which means fans can play the same Minecraft across various devices. This is a thrilling change to the game, considering this has been quite an issue in the past. Minecraft is out on so many devices, that everyone being able to play the same Minecraft on any device of their choosing is extraordinary.

I have always wanted to play with friends, but have been limited by which device I am using. This is such a relieving update for me, because now we can all connect and play without being limited by what device we are choosing to utilize while playing Minecraft. I am sure this is going to be a great addition to the game for many players who have had the same struggle as well.

Another big change is related to the in-game servers in Minecraft where players can mingle amongst one another and play mini-games together. Now, players will be access to choose a server to be in right on the front menu of Minecraft. This will be coming along with the Better Together update.

This is also another update that is very refreshing for me and many other players. Easy access to servers will make getting to them and using them a breeze. Many of these new updates are solving issues that have been a long-time problem for many players, such as myself. That is why I am personally so excited for these new updates to take place.

The final major update will be an update that upgrades and boosts Minecraft’s graphic quality. This particular update will be coming in the fall rather than summer, like the other two updates. This update will allow Minecraft to be in 4K, and will feature improved lighting, shadows, and other graphical features. Along with this will be a new DLC called The Super Duper Graphics Pack that will available for download. This will allow for Minecraft’s graphics to be a lot more sharp and “dynamic”, according to

There have been many intriguing, exciting, and awesome updates happening. E3 truly allowed us to see how much Minecraft has been advancing in 2017. The rules and regulations for creating unofficial books is a lot more clear and defined now, and there should not be any confusion when it comes to that subject. I believe that all of these updates are going to put Minecraft on a new level and truly raise the standard for the game. Minecraft is something to keep a close eye on this summer and fall.