Minecraft has really seemed to have a focus on the idea of branching into books and magazines with their release of Minecraft: The Island and now their official magazine coming soon. The news of this was released just the other day on Minecraft.net, and their article discussing it gives us all the details of what will be inside the first edition of these new magazines.

Inside the magazine will be tips for playing Minecraft, comics, and all sorts of insight to the game. The magazine will first be released in the UK, and will be coming to other countries shortly after. According to the article, the first edition will be 14 pages long, and inside will be useful tips and guides for playing Minecraft.

Personally, I believe that this Minecraft magazine is a great idea. I know there have been many survival and creating guide books released for Minecraft, but never a magazine series. This allows for easier and faster reading for players, and contains more of a visual interest for the reader. The comics will add something completely fresh and new to the series, and I am all for adding more creativity and art into the game. The books have always seemed to take a more informative route, so I am looking forward to something that is different from what Mojang typically releases.

More details of what we will be inside the comic were also revealed in this Minecraft.net article. There will be tips on how to build magnificent creations and guides on how to explore the blocky lands efficiently.

This magazine seems to be jam-packed with all of the information that you would have had to previously purchase separately in more expensive books. This new magazine is also a bonus for readers, because they can save money by getting the magazine that has all of the information combined into one rather than buying all of the separate books, which can get rather pricey. I think that overall, this magazine is a great move for both Mojang and the readers.

It is also said in the article that the second issue will be a Nether special, and the third one will be a winter theme. Although there is not an exact release date for any of the magazines, we do know that the first edition will coming to the UK “very soon.”

I love the idea of each magazine having a specific Minecraft theme, and even matching up with the seasons. That way, if a reader wants to find out more about a specific part of Minecraft rather than all of it, they can purchase that specific magazine instead of all of them. It is a money-saver, and even more convenient for the reader.

These magazines will be a great way to spread creativity throughout the Minecraft community. The building ideas and themes can inspire other players to create their own one of a kind creations. Not only will these magazines be helpful, but also entertaining. I am looking forward to seeing how these magazines turn out and inspire the Minecraft community in the near future.


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