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‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ Review (2016) And ‘Discovery Update’

Screen Critics Madison offers her thoughts on the mobile Pocket Edition of Minecraft while also briefly discussing the great upcoming Discovery Update.

As of late, a game I have been particularly enjoying is Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It has many attributes that makes it a memorable edition to the Minecraft franchise. The ease of being able to take Minecraft on the go and available to play anywhere makes it one of best versions of the game out there. It has all of the amazing qualities of the PC version of Minecraft, with the only difference being that Minecraft: Pocket Edition is more readily available and easier to access on the go than the other versions of the game.

With this version of Minecraft, it is quite simple and quick when it comes to inviting and playing with friends. Enjoying the game in a multiplayer version is easy and fun now, considering how easy it is to add a friend and play with them online. What makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition even better is that there is little to no lag typically within the game, which makes it a way better, more refined experience for the player.

The mode I have been enjoying lately is creative mode. Since I have already beaten survival mode twice, creative mode is a great option to expand your horizons and let your imagination run wild. With creative mode, the player can virtually create anything and everything and have total control, which is a big difference from survival mode. Being able to reign over the land and build whatever you please truly allows for your mind to let loose and create whatever it wishes, which is one of the best attributes of Minecraft.

There have been minimal bugs since I have been playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Even if there was a bug, it was not major. There was one brief incident where an Enderman glitched and its graphics messed up. However, it was easily fixed and did not ruin the main gameplay experience for me.

Discovery Update

On May 24th, there was an announcement that a new update called the Discovery Update will be released for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. There was a trailer showing off this new update, which revealed new and intriguing features that will be implemented. Some of the new features that caught my eye were llamas, a mansion in the woods with new mobs, and the player being able to walk on water and form ice to allow the player to glide on with ease. This update looks thrilling and I personally cannot wait to see what it brings to the table for the future of Minecraft.

Verdict: I have been enjoying Minecraft: Pocket Edition due to its easily accessible gameplay and the allowance of creativity that makes it a fun and imaginative experience. With the new Discovery Update coming out, there will be more exciting features on the way that will be sure to enhance the complete experience of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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