Last night, we saw Dean Ambrose carry his IC Championship to WWE’s Monday Night Raw. It signalled an upcoming swap involved the two mid-card Championships on the WWE brands – something that was completed this evening when US Champion Kevin Owens made his Smackdown Live debut.

The move is huge for Tuesday nights, which now has a former WWE Universal Champion among its ranks now. Owens has proven hugely popular with fans in recent months, his heel run managing to add momentum back into his WWE run.

He delivered a great promo announcing his arrival, telling the Smackdown Live audience that he wasn’t here for them, but there for himself. It indicates that he will continue to work as a heel moving forward – something Smackdown Live has been in desperate need of. With AJ Styles so over, it never hurts to have more heel workers in the top of the card.

Daniel Bryan clarified that whoever wins the upcoming Payback match between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens will become a Smackdown Live competitor – avoiding the situation where Raw could regain the belts.

Kevin Owens was joined by Sami Zayn in the ring, another Superstar who’s made the journey over from Monday Night Raw. With the two having such a long and controversial history, it’ll be interesting to see that extended into a new venue.

Are you happy to see Kevin Owens on Smackdown Live? Who else would you trade to Smackdown Live? Who should challenge Owens first for his US Title?