This past Sunday, WWE did something different with its Money in the Bank match. Not only did the women compete in their first ever match, the company also had a non-competitor climb the ladder and grab the briefcase. It was a lighting rod of controversy, something it seems the company is responding too – as it has stripped Carmella of her briefcase.

During Smackdown Live, the various competitors made their cases. Carmella came out at the opening of the show, stating that she hadn’t broken any rules and was therefore allowed to carry the briefcase. During the course of the show, the other women approached Daniel Bryan and pleaded their case for a rematch. In the end, the decision fell to Daniel Bryan – who made the call to strip Carmella of the briefcase and thus, relinquish her ability to cash in.

During the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, Carmella’s associate James Ellsworth climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcase – handing it to Carmella. Because of the no-DQ rule within these matches, the officials were forced to award Carmella the briefcase. The result of the match sparked a huge backlash on social media – with the decision to end the match on such a visual drawing huge hate from WWE fans.

Most of the anger centered around the fact that James Ellsworth’s involvement cut short an incredibly decent match. It also served to undermine the whole point of giving the women a Money in the Bank ladder match in the first place.

I don’t understand why WWE went down this road in the first place. There were plenty of options on the table for the company to have Ellsworth play into the finale. The story is good, but it feels slightly awkward in delivery.

Are you happy to see a second Money in the Bank match announced? Should Carmella have been stripped of the briefcase?

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