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The current status of Neville in WWE has proven to be a hot topic among fans. With discussion over what’s next for the 205 Live Superstar – it may surprise some to hear that a return could very well be on the cards.

That’s according to PWInsider, which is claiming that Neville and WWE have held positive discussions in recent weeks – potentially paving the way for the British WWE Superstar to return to in-ring action. They state;

“There is a belief among some in the company that talks have gone so well that Neville could actually be returning to action for WWE before the end of the month.  One source even believed Neville could be back as soon as this week, but has (as of this writing) not been able to confirm that.  Obviously, we will see if that is soon the case.”

Neville is the longest reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion, having held the Championship for a good portion of 2017. Despite competing as Champion on the Wrestlemania 33 Pre-Show, Neville has reportedly grown unhappy with his current position within WWE.

Things came to a head a while back when Neville reportedly walked out before a WWE Monday Night Raw show. That walkout prompted rumors that Neville was set to be released by the WWE – something the company has repeatedly denied. The same night Neville walked out, he was set to face Enzo Amore in the Raw main event – losing to the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in the process. His departure forced WWE to put the belt on to Kalisto – who was moved into the division.

Would you want to see Neville back in WWE?

Our Take: Part of me suspected WWE would look to bring Neville back once the heat had died down. It’s clear Neville isn’t happy with his position in 205 Live – something we can fully understand. The big question for WWE is how will they make use of him should he return? 

Would they want to keep him on Monday Night Raw, or potentially move him over to Smackdown Live?

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