NXT Unveils Three New Championship Belt Designs

WWE unveiled new Championship belt designs for its roster of Championships tonight. What do you think of the re-designs – are they good?

WWE’s been splashing out the cash in the last year, updating its roster of Championship belts and bringing them in line with the company’s unified Championship vision. Tonight during NXT Takeover Orlando, the company went through its Championship belt collection and upgraded them all.

Making the announcement at WWE Axxess, William Regal confirmed that NXT was set to receive new Championship belts – signalling a new era for the brand. It’s the first time any of the belts in NXT have been redesigned in this manner.

The NXT Tag Team Championship belt was unveiled just before the Tag Team match, awarded to the Authors of Pain upon their victory in the three team tag team match.

I’m a huge fan of this redesign, which makes the belt look incredibly stylish. The side plates are also a nice little touch too – will be interesting to see how they get used. Arguably the best of the bunch in my opinion.

The NXT Women’s Championship belt was unveiled just before the Women’s Championship match, awarded to Asuka. The main difference between this and the male Championship is the silver ‘X’ – which differentiates it.

I’m not a huge lover of this redesign, I have to say. The belt looks a bit too similar to Impact Wrestling’s X-Division belt, which is a comparison I’m sure WWE don’t want people be making. Speaking of….

The NXT Championship was also given a new coat of paint, seemingly being brought in line with the Women’s Title presented earlier in the evening. It makes sense, putting the female and male performers on par with each other. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of the design they’ve chosen to run with here.

I guess it’s something we’ll have to get used too in the coming months, as the belts are likely to feature quite prominently moving forward.

What do you make of the new NXT Championship belts? Do you think they do a good job or are they uninspired choices?

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