Excited to find out who will be the next incarnation of everyone’s favorite Timelord will be? The wait is almost over, as the BBC has announced that it will be lifting the veil on the mysterious actor this Sunday, once that pesky Wimbledon Final is out the way. Yes that’s right, we’ll soon know who the new Doctor is.

Speculation over the identity of the thirteenth incarnation of the popular character has seen all kinds of names tied with the role.  From unknowns to even some Hollywood names – it seems the rumor mill has been churning at the thought.

It’s a clever move by the BBC. Fans of the show will be desperate to know the identity, so might be encouraged to stick with the Wimbledon Final – no matter how long it takes for that to end. It should be noted to fans of tennis that the that can go anywhere from 2 hours onwards – so I wouldn’t expect an easy ride if the Federer match overruns.

We have no idea who will be taking up the mantle, but we’re very sure that whoever is the new Doctor Who certainly has some big shoes to fill. He’s played the role for several years now, taking on the position when Matt Smith stepped out of the role. He made that decision to prolong his Hollywood career – something that hasn’t really happened (Sorry, we love you Matt – but Terminator Genisys  was just trash).

Capaldi has proven popular with audiences. A life long fan of the BBC show, his favourite Doctor was the first incarnation. It’s one of the reasons Stephen Moffat has given his final episode a rare appearance of that incarnation. We’ll be sad to see him go, less so to see Moffat stepping out-of-the-way.

Who do you want to see as the new Doctor Who? Do you want a female Timelord in charge of the Tardis?


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