The Usos and The New Day have been lighting up the WWE¬†Smackdown Live brand in recent weeks with their ongoing feud. Back at Battleground, the two arguably had the match of the night. Now tonight, we’ve seen the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships change hands again.

The Usos have captured the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships for the second time. It marks the fourth time that The Usos have won WWE gold as a team in WWE.

The match itself was actually really good, arguably a higher standard than a match should be on the pre-show. It was a great showcase of the two teams ability, with the live audience chanting “This is awesome” very clearly.

The Usos and New Day have been feuding for several months back. Since arriving on Smackdown Live, The Usos have managed to reinvent themselves as strong heels on the brand. Ironically, turning heel arguably saved the pair.

The Usos rose to prominence in 2015, when they captured the WWE Tag Team Championships and held them for a record-breaking length. During that run, they overcame a number of different teams en route to becoming the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE. Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston became so popular that WWE granted the team the honor of hosting Wrestlemania 33

Soon after the team were moved from Monday Night Raw to Smackdown Live, but we’ve unable to compete immediately as Kofi Kingston was injured.

I’m very surprised to see the tag championships back on The Usos. It felt like WWE were lining up The New Day for a lengthy run with the belts. Certainly, it makes things more interesting on Tuesday nights.

Are you happy to see the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships back on The Usos? What did you make of the match between the pair?

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