WWE teased their handicap main event late last week, announcing that reigning United States Champion Roman Reigns would be defending his US Championship against both Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. With the odds stacked against him, there wasn’t a lot of hope for Reigns overcoming the odds – and as it turned out his fans were right to hold that feeling. Chris Jericho won the Championship, pinning Reigns and securing the victory.

The match itself was fairly standard fare – with Reigns threatening a comeback but ultimately falling when the moment called for it.

It’s the first time Chris Jericho has held the United States Championship – in either WCW or WWE. It’s the one Championship that has illuded the veteran Superstar, thus completing his Grand Slam of WWE Championships. In order to attain this honor, a WWE Superstar must capture the WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship and Tag-Team Championship.

How long he’ll hold the belt remains to be seen – in all likelihood I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE threw it back on Reigns next week in an attempt to rebuild his momentum heading into Royal Rumble. I still personally believe he’s walking out of San Antonio as the WWE Universal Champion – so in that regard at least he won’t be goldless for long.

Reigns has proven to be a divisive figure within the WWE Universe over the last few years. The WWE Superstar regularly attracts boo’s and cheers from audiences – who are split in opinion. His reign as United States Champion, which he won from Rusev, was an attempt to try and rebuild his image. It doesn’t seem to have worked though, given the reaction of tonight’s crowd at Monday Night Raw.

Are you happy Chris Jericho captured the WWE United States Championship? How long do you think Chris Jericho can hold onto the gold?