If you’re not a fan of Enzo Amore as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion then rejoice, his reign as Champion has come to an abrupt end. Annoying everyone during his stint on 205 Live, the former Champion was forced to defend his title this evening against the division’s new arrival – Kalisto.

Kalisto captured the Championship during Raw’s main event, overcoming Enzo to seal his first reign as Cruiserweight Champion within WWE. He has previously held the WWE United States Championship.

The match came about after Enzo called out Kurt Angle. After mocking the WWE Hall of Famer, he insisted that he shouldn’t be made to defend his Championship at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view event – as Kalisto had clearly violated the non-contact clause Enzo had last week. Angle was quick to rebuff the Champion, informing him that he had only sighed Kalisto last week during Raw – meaning the new arrival was exempt.

To add salt to Enzo’s wounds, Angle announced that Kalisto would be getting a WWE Cruiserweight Championship title opportunity ahead of schedule, with Enzo being forced to defend the Championship in a Lumberjack match on Monday Night Raw.

Enzo won the belt from Neville a few weeks back, in a hugely unpopular victory. Having been pushed to the 205 Live roster, Enzo was clearly a cut below the rest of the high fliers on the programme. It led fans to dislike him increasingly, as he made his way towards the Championship.

Personally, I’m not entirely sure why WWE opted to do this title change on Raw. It feels bizarre to give the title the main event spot when it arguably could have gone on the pay-per-view. 205 Live’s segments have been going in the main event slot on Monday Night Raw in recent weeks, so one would assume that WWE is trying to get more eyes on the product. But I don’t see how giving away a title change here will convince people to jump in tomorrow night.

What did you think, are you happy to see Kalisto take the belt?