Since capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship back in January, Neville has been the undisputed king of the division. Seeing off challenges from the likes of Austin Aries, Jack Gallagher others, there seemed to be no end in sight for his run as Champion. But tonight on Monday Night Raw, a new Champion has been crowned – that man is Tozawa.

One of the newer additions to the division. Tozawa has slowly worked his way through the division to earn the opportunity to fight against Neville.

The match itself was great, arguably one of the best in the revived Cruiserweight Division. Once the live audience realized a Title change was likely, they seemed to get into it very much.

Originally penciled in for the SummerSlam Kick-Off show, it was announced that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match would be moved to tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. It makes Tozawa the fifth man to hold this version of the belt, putting him in company with ex-Champions like Perkins.

Tozawa has managed to get himself over with WWE fans, despite the language barrier. His trademark battle cry is regularly heard during his matches. WWE made the decision to put the Superstar with Titus O’Neil – who has been acting as his on-screen manager.

What next for Neville though? Having been Champion for so long, it’s unlikely that he’d hang around the division for much longer. He’s become one of the company’s best heels – and I can’t imagine WWE wanting to waste that talent on 205 Live for much longer. Certainly, he has the in-ring ability and the heat to climb the main roster quickly.

Are you excited to see Tozawa as the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion? Do you think it was de-valued at all by the decision to put the title change on a Monday Night Raw?