Are you heading out to buy a Nintendo Switch when it launches on March 3rd? Nintendo has announced a fairly mixed launch lineup for its upcoming console. Some titles are exciting, others less so. We decided to take a look at the consoles initial wave of games and pick out the gems from the junk in the Switch lineup. Which games will you be buying with your Nintendo Switch console?


You’ll Like It If: You’re the kind of person that loves multiplayer mini games. 1-2-Switch is arguably one huge showcase for the JoyCons on Nintendo’s new console. With over 30 games packed into the package, there’s bound to be something that lights up your party!

You’ll Hate It If: You don’t like gimmicks in your games – because 1-2-Switch is a whole lot of gimmick. Perhaps more worrying though, I don’t think there’s one single game that looks like it has appeal beyond the initial “Wow” factor – and the novelty of paying £30 for the pleasure may not be one many will be willing to take.

Our Opinion: Give it a pass and wait until the price drops considerably. I have a sneaky feeling Nintendo may end up sliding this one into a bundle with Switch come Christmas – which would be a more suitable use for it. As it stands, it’s too much of a novelty among much better launch lineup offerings.


Fast RMX

You’ll Like It If: If you love the Wipeout or F-Zero series, there’s a lot to love here. Fast Racing Neo appeared on the Wii U and was a quiet success on the platform, managing to provide a real hefty challenge while looking gorgeous doing so. This is more of the same – and comes with more packed into the package.

You’ll Hate It If: If you already bought Fast Racing Neo, there may not be enough here to justify the somewhat awkward £40 price tag. It also doesn’t help that the series is fairly untested and a lot of the stuff in here was already in the previous outing.

Our Opinion: If you must own a racing game on your Nintendo Switch, Fast RMX is a solid shout. Personally I think £40 is above where the game should be – but each to their own.


Human Resource Machine

Why You’ll Like It: Tomorrow Corporation have a solid track record when it comes to making interesting titles and HRM seems to be heading in the same direction. If you’re  a fan of puzzle games , it could give your Switch the brain teaser it needs.

Why You’ll Hate It: It’s a port of a game you can probably get cheaper on other platforms. Not only this, it’s not the most exciting way to show off your new Nintendo Switch console.

What We Think: I’d personally skip, if only because you can get it cheaper and arguably better elsewhere. It won’t showcase your shiny new console and is probably worth waiting until its price drops.


I Am Setsuna

Why You’ll Like It: If you’re in the market for a JRPG with some personality, Tokyo RPG Factory’s offering could be the game for you. It leans heavily on older JRPG tropes – from turn based battles to an epic story sweep. You’ll lose more than a few hours to this game if you’re given the chance.

Why You’ll Hate It: If you’re noticing a trend in this list, it’s that developers are front loading the Switch’s launch lineup with ports of already released games. I am Setsuma is no different sadly, so for those who’ve already purchased or can buy elsewhere – the value may not match the product.

What We Think: Another case of “if you must own” a JRPG then this is the best bet. I wouldn’t be rushing to buy this game though, and I wouldn’t recommend doing so given its fairly mixed reviews when it released in 2016. A risky launch lineup choice for sure.


Just Dance 2017

Why You’ll Like It: Just Dance is so well-known at this stage, it’s somewhat pointless pointing out its strengths. You’ll either buy this to lose yourself in the motion controlled fun of it all…..

Why You’ll Hate It: …Or you’ll avoid it because Just Dance as a series has been creatively dead since around 2013. This entry is no different sadly, arguably providing the most bland experience on the launch slate. Another deal breaker might be that we don’t know if you’ll be able to download additional songs post-release, something you can do on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

What We Think: Unless you find this game bundled with your new Nintendo Switch, I think it’s best to avoid what will be a hugely forgettable experience. If you host plenty of party’s, there’s an argument for getting this game.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Why You’ll Like It: It’s Legend of Zelda. It’s one of the biggest games of 2017 and arguably the biggest game Nintendo has going for it during the Switch’s early run. On top of this, the game looks to be switching things up with a number of new ideas and a heap of new story ideas to boot. With voice acting and some amazing graphics, Breath of the Wild looks set to be the single biggest reason to invest in a Nintendo Switch

Why You’ll Hate It: Zelda might not be for everyone, in particular those looking for some kind of multiplayer fun. With no multiplayer on board, it’s not the game to whip out at party’s.

What We Think: If there was a single reason to get a Nintendo Switch then Breath of the Wild is that. It’s the best showcase of what the Switch can do and puts the console head and shoulders above other tablet devices. The standout in the launch lineup by a country mile.


Little Inferno

Why You’ll Like It: Experimental and hugely innovative, Little Inferno comes from the makers of World of Goo. The entire game takes place in front of a fireplace – with you being tasked to get certain reactions from setting things on fire.

Why You’ll Hate It: It may prove too experimental for a mainstream audience. Where World of Goo at least has a simple but fun premise, this one is more abstract in its construct. Put simply, I don’t think many will be racing out to grab this one.

What We Think: If you love innovation, this might be the best bet for you. But its appeal is fairly niche.


Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Why You’ll Like It: Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight captured the hearts and minds of gamers back when it landed on the scene. Arriving on the Switch’s launch lineup is a stroke of genius, and adding in a timed-exclusive Specter of Torment campaign should sweeten the deal for those who’ve already purchased the game elsewhere. Also the added bonus of co-op play out the box should appeal to those looking for a deeper multiplayer experience.

Why You’ll Hate It: Yet another port of an existing game. The addition of an additional campaign is huge, but I suspect that it might not be enough to tempt some of the games more hardcore fans to shell out for yet another version of the game. I’ve also seen some saying the lack of dedicated D-Pad on the Joycon’s makes 2D platformers less intuitive to the Switch’s controller.

What We Think: Shovel Knight is a quality game, but is it worth shelling out full price for again? If you love 2D platformers then you can’t go very wrong. Given that Specter of Torment is set to land on other platforms in April – it might not be worth the premium for returning gamers.


Skylanders: Imaginators

Why You’ll Like It: If you’ve already invested in the extensive Skylanders back catalogue the there’s a good argument to play it again here. It also gives the kiddies an excuse to be quiet when they can use (most) of the toys from other versions of the game on longer journeys.

Why You’ll Hate It: Skylanders is about as generic as a 3D platformer can be in 2017. Worse still, a number of he vehicles and traps from other versions of Imaginators won’t work with the Switch version of the game – a potential deal breaker if you’re moving up from the Nintendo Wii U version of the game.

What We Think: A good shout if you have kids that love Skylanders. For everyone else, the franchise isn’t really all that special, and only really serves as a stopgap on Switch until Yooka Laylee turns up later in 2017.



Why You’ll Like It: A puzzle game that ISN’T a port on Switch? Now we’re talking. Snipperclips has been designed from the ground up to use the Switch’s features. That means it not only showcases the console well, it also means that you have a fun co-operative title that can be played with others. It’s also been priced very well, coming in at under half that of a full retail game.

Why You’ll Hate It: If you’re not in the market for a puzzle game, Snipperclips probably won’t change that opinion. It’s a great launch lineup title, but won’t appeal to those who don’t want puzzle outings.

What We Think: Outside of Breath of the Wild, this is probably the game that I’m most excited for. Snipperclips could be a breakout hit on Switch and, thanks to clever pricing, will appeal to the more savvy gamers looking for a bargain buy on launch day.


Super Bomberman R

Why You’ll Like It: Bomberman never fails to deliver when it comes to the multiplayer mayhem. Bomberman R is a return to the series roots, packing in a comprehensive multiplayer component and a single player campaign to boot.

Why You’ll Hate It: The pricing of this game has raised some eyebrows, while little has been spoken of the single player. It’s fair to say that if you don’t have friends to play with, Super Bomberman R might just be a dud.

What We Think: Grab some friends and Super Bomberman R could be the game to light up a party. Otherwise it might be worth waiting for a price drop.


World of Goo

Why You’ll Like It: World of Goo captured gamers attention back in 2008 – appearing on the Wii and various other platformers. It’s smart, fun and incredibly pretty to look at.

Why You’ll Hate It: Arguably the biggest “why is this here” on the launch slate. The game is oldhat by modern standards and it’s hard to see many buying it on the Switch for the first time, given how widespread its release was.

What We Think: Probably best to avoid in all honesty. You can get it much cheaper for other platformers and arguably is the least justified among the launch lineup of titles.