Good news long time fans of Red Dwarf. When the show returns for its twelfth outing this October, you’ll be seeing a returning face among the usual cast – as Norman Lovett is set to reprise his role as Holly – at least for one episode.

The shows lead writer and director Doug Naylor confirmed it, speaking to the official Red Dwarf website;

“Yes, it’s true… Holly, played by Norman Lovett, guest stars in one of the new shows in Red Dwarf XII. But which show remains a secret!”

Norman was a huge part of the shows early success on BBC television, playing Red Dwarf’s onboard computer. He left the show after three seasons though, replaced by Hattie Hayridge, who helmed the role until season 5.

Holly hasn’t played a part in the show since it made its revival. His disappearance has been explained on-screen as involving a bath tub – something we suspect was done to keep the character on the shelf.  As stated above, it does look like his return is a one shot deal for now.

It was also announced that Red Dwarf XII will also be returning on October 12th, 2017. It will be airing exclusively on Dave – meaning fans will be able to catch the new episodes between the endless re-runs of older series.

It should be nice to see the show back on televisions. Hopefully, the quality has gone up slightly from the last season – which leaned very heavily into parody territory with some of its ideas. There’s nothing wrong with a television show indulging in some of its better moments – but it has to be good around that in order to succeed. We’ll have to see if things improve for the show on the whole.

The new series of Red Dwarf is set to air on the UK’s Dave channel this October.

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